All about Chapter 8 in the Bhagavad Gita

This chapter begins with Sri Krishna explaining that there is only one imperishable brahman. He is the supreme who controls the universe. He is Prakriti (maya), the perishable universe.

He is the creator force that brings into being all things. He is also in the presiding deities in the sense organs of living creatures. He is also the eternal Self.

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Six blind people touch an elephant to describe it. This is a popular example. One person touches the middle of an elephant's body and says that he sees soft walls. Another one touches the legs and says that he sees tall cylindrical pillars.

The other one touches the ears and says that he sees fan-like oscillations. The one who touches its trunk says that it is a hollow tube. The one who touches it on the tail claims that it is a thin rope with tiny branches at the ends.

Finally, the last person to touch the head claimed that he was on top of a slide. These are the meanings of these words. These are different ways that people see the same object. All perceptions are different, but all of them fail to see the whole.

Also, God is seen differently depending on the experiences of different people. However, Brahman is one whole and without any second. These are the six first questions from Arjuna. You should not take any one word as an entire answer.

The time does not refer to physical death, or the departure from the body. Lord also refers to the Jnanis who have renounced their bodies. This is the time that they no longer identify with the body.