Army Surplus Tents For Camping

Army surplus tents are built for dependability and versatility making them perfect for camping trips. Tents designed for army uses are available to the public and many that are made for family camping trips today are modeled after the specification originally intended for military use.

Tents built to the specifications of army use will vary depending on how they intend to be used. For instance, ones built for the humid conditions would vary from those built for winters. You can subscribe to our newsletters to know what your needs are when shopping for camping shelters. 

Army tents became popular because they withstood a variety of weather conditions, they cost very little, and they held up well even when used daily. The army frame styles of World War II days have come a long way as far as being simple to set up. 

Today, army surplus tents that are manufactured for camping trips are easy to set up and come in 2-man, 4-man, or larger and are often of the dome-style frame structure. The outside covering is usually a polyester fabric and comes in basic military camouflage. Depending on the intended use, military style tents can come with insulation in the roof (cold weather) or vents (hot and humid conditions).