Assault Defense Lawyer In St. Catharines

This professional is the person accused of assault, which may be a crime. They also represent customers who are being charged with batteries. The combination of assault and caning often results in imprisonment. 

The Assault Prosecutor's job is to keep his client out of jail or reduce the time he would be given if found guilty. Domestic assault agents often try to reach an agreement with prosecutors when their clients have to pay a fine if found guilty.

What is an Assault?

Batteries are physical contact with other people with the intent to harm them. When someone does battery, they are often charged with assault. You can also be accused of assault, even if there was no physical contact. It need not be classed as an attack with a lethal weapon. If they were still using lethal weapons, it could be classified as a crime.

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

When a lawyer defends his client against attack, it is his job to provide evidence that his client did not mean to harm. If lawyers can prove that the physical contact was accidental rather than intentional, they may be successful in protecting their clients. When it comes to assault, they want to state the facts in a way that will prove the client's innocence. 

Because of this, many defense attorneys often insist that defendants contact them before speaking to investigators or the police. The defense attorney's goal is to minimize the intelligence that will be used against his client during prosecution.