Different styles of wallpaper designs to try


In the recent years, there has been a rising trend for wallpapers. These are the trends that continue far into the future. This is the article that can be used as a guide to help you through this process since there are varied kinds of designs, along with selecting the materials and different applications. It is the reason why the wallpaper is in greater demand today!

Brick-Look Wallpaper

Many of the designers offer you some best options in terms of creating the loo of an old building with its perfectly straight rows of newly constructed masonry as they choose to head for the more industrial look. These wallpapers will stand up to the daily traffic of family or a commercial business since they are scrubbable.


In terms of creating a statement wall, these murals are an amazing fix. They have come with the numbered panels along with the instructions for installations. There are colors and design options that would make them easier in terms of finding the perfect match. All you need is to be sure that the pattern here will fit on the walls that are selected here, and there are no such windows and doors in the middle of this mural, cutting out an important portion of these patterns. You may wish to select the peel and stick materials, allowing you to remove them quickly while you wish to get a new look here.

Vintage Wallpaper

They are often referred to as the grand millennial designs or the retros. They bring back traditionalism, including the bigger floral prints and patterns. The antique wallpaper that was seen in the Victorian age of England is included here. You can find the geometrics, loud colors, and paisley shapes, while the patterns from the 1800s may also use the darker color reminiscent of the meeting rooms and staid libraries. The material will still be a modern one, while the installation will follow the standard procedures for the kind of paper you have selected as the look might be quite antique.

Metallic Wallpaper

To make a statement with a bang, metallic designs are the ones that you look to make a statement. Within the same piece of wallpaper, the balance between shine and dull is an instant contrast. These are the rolls that can be hung in a matched pattern, or you can even mix and match to create your own special feature wall. You can even consider the use of peel and stick metallic as your taste might change over time and are quite easier to replace.

Patterned Wallpaper

A wide range of designs is mainly covered by patterned wallpaper. They come with the options of repeat, drop & no pattern. The repeat patterns are matched while hanging the adjacent panels while following the specific distance from one element to the other. The drop pattern is also a repeat pattern, but it does not repeat at the regular intervals, which is why they are not matched. There are also wallpapers out there having random patterns not intended to be matched at all.

Wood-Look Wallpaper

The wood-look wallpaper will be creating the illusion of the real wooden wall, like the brick look. It will mimic the panel or barn wood along with the groove or shiplap. This is a pattern that can be quite rustic and can also imitate freshly painted wood here. It is the easiest way where you can create the most expensive look of the wood without effort and price here.

Tile-Look Wallpaper

In the bathroom as well as the kitchen backsplash, this tile look wallpaper can be used. It is easy and simple in terms of installing the actual tile here. You can use the adhesives to keep the mildew and mold from forming while installing into the entire bathroom. You should also ensure to keep the ventilation fan running to reduce the humidity in the room here.