Exterior Remodeling -You Home With Fiber-Cement Cladding

In the process of transforming your exterior house, there are many aspects to take into consideration when comparing fiber cement cladding with vinyl siding. The fiber-cement face is not combustible when exposed to significant amounts of flame or heat. It has been praised by the public for its safety attributes. It also has been certified for use in a fire-rated structure.

The fiber wall siding is able to be painted in any color you like. It will also last longer than wood. It will not peel and crack as fast as vinyl. Always read the warranty prior to purchasing. Take a close look at"Life-Time" to determine what the warranty actually covers, and what exactly is included. Go through the "Normal Weathering" section to find out what they mean by the definition of normal weathering.

cement board cladding, fibre cement cladding

Fiber-cement cladding is said to carry a 50-year transferable limited warranty on the product, and a 15-year finish warranty. This warranty covers even the toughest conditions. Vinyl siding might not appear the same as wood. It has seams that overlap and faux wood grains that attempt to replicate the appearance of wood.

Fiber-cement cladding offers the look of wood, with the capability to be painted in any shade and not suffer from the peeling and chopping of wood or vinyl. There aren't any seams that overlap to detract from the natural look it gives to your home.