How To Text Message Marketing For Small Business Can Boost Your Growth

From the reputation of being inaccessible to owners of small businesses, SMS marketing services are slowly breaking away. The availability of text message marketing for small businesses has made it a useful channel not only for the SMEs with a limited budget but also for the commerce behemoths to reach out to their customers.

Text marketing can quickly be your most cost-effective platform to boost sales and conversions if you are using them in the correct way.

Why Use SMS for Small Business Marketing?

SMS enjoys open rates of over 90% is something that you should know. It is practically the perfect choice with something that does not get on any other platform as it is exceptionally higher than the email’s 6-20%.

It is mainly due to a few specific factors, the success of texting as a marketing medium. Text marketing messages reach out to their customers immediately even when they are mobile and not connected to the Internet and are not using their smartphones for one.

SMS inbox on a typical phone is not equipped with a spam filter additionally. Perhaps, the highly important benefit of text marketing is in its form. Since they are a single brief message, the customers can react to it immediately as they are consumed pretty quickly.

How to Make the Most of Text Marketing

SMS marketing should be improving the engagement and ultimately boosting your sales any way you approach it. There are a few things that you can do to make the most out of this medium here.

  • Know the Best Time to Reach Your Subscribers

You can schedule your message on a timely basis, say suppose, 10 AM and 2 PM as these are the times the average 9-5 worker is better able to attend to the text marketing messages here. You should also be making sure that you are not texting them in the middle of the night, at the very least here.

  • Reach Out According to the Customer Journey

According to where the recipient is on the customer journey is how you need to time your business texts. Make the messages relevant to their exact position in the process of sales, as they are well-timed and relevant enough in terms of boosting sales.

  • Consider Your Business Cycle

To drive immediate sales, text marketing is perfect. You can think of ways in which it can work in harmony with your business cycle. You can derive the benefit of text message marketing for small business offering stimulation of sales during the lulls. Often customers can be re-engaged that has been inactive for a while by texting about an exclusive and temporary sale event.

  • Incorporate an Omnichannel Campaign

Text marketing for small businesses is undeniably a powerful concept of its own as it works the best when it becomes a part of the overarching campaign utilizing various channels that include social media as well as email. It will surely contribute to improved revenues as well as better relationships with your customers as you give text messaging its own role.

  • Set Up Scheduled Texts and Automated Workflows

Scheduled texts would work the best in terms of encouraging repeated buyers for the eCommerce business.

Texting through the automated workflows can help in terms of reaching the specially targeted customers with the relevant messages at precisely the right time without any extra bit of effort from you at the same time. This would make them more likely to be purchased or even in terms of performing the desired actions.

SMS marketing for small business owners might seem unattainable, but not when you have access to the right tools. Through specialized software combined with the right marketing service, you can gain the benefits of this medium and even incorporate it into a more extensive, omnichannel campaign.

With text message marketing for small business, you can now enjoy higher revenues as well as better engagement. You will also be able to achieve all that in the most cost-effective and measurable way.