Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

A lawn sprinkler system in Delavan automates the task of maintaining a healthy, green lawn. You could also end up spending a lot of money on repairs and other expenses if you fail to perform regular maintenance checks. 

The season will affect the amount of water you use. It is important to pay attention to the efficiency and functionality of your sprinkler. There are many types of irrigation systems. You can also hire a professional for the installation of lawn sprinklers in Delavan via

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Your irrigation system may need additional attention depending on its size and design. This article applies to all systems. This general maintenance guide will help you keep your lawn sprinkler system in good condition.

Water Production

First, find out how long it takes for your sprinklers to produce one inch of water in Delavan. This information can be found using a watering gauge or by placing a tuna can filled with water under the stream. This information serves as a baseline.

Watering schedules

You should adjust your watering schedules according to the season. You should also adjust your watering schedules to accommodate different types of plants. If you're not confident with these settings, you can either hire a professional in Delavan to do them or you can monitor the water output for each section using a weekly watering number.

Look at these Spray Patterns

Next, inspect the spray patterns on each sprinkler head to ensure water isn’t blocked by dirt, plants, or any other material. If your water pressure is low and the heads are clean, it may be time to have your backflow checked. 

It is mandatory that the backflow connection for automatic irrigation be tested annually by law. However, it is worth having it checked more frequently. A state-certified tester should perform this testing. You will need to contact your local water provider in Delavan to get specific information.