Signs And Symptoms Of Dyslexia Appearing In Children

It gets a bit tough for children with dyslexia symptoms when it comes to surviving high school, especially when it gets detected late in their pre-teens.

Signs and dyslexia symptoms in children – 

* Doesn't like going to school.

* Returns to school most days tied, stressed, and bad-tempered.

* Feels stressed and drained of energy when holidays end or a new school year begins.

* Extremely tired at the start of each school term/year and semester.

* Does not seem to be making significant progress at school.

* Has trouble learning and reading basic sight words, including my, the in, on can, we, to be, at, be, etc. These words are often given to flashcards to new school starters.

* Slow to write their names.

* Reading and writing can often combine letters within words. This means that readers and writers may read numbers and lettering backward. A simple example of this is b. It can be viewed as b, d or p.q, or even 9.

* When copying or writing written words, it is difficult to see the spaces between words. They all seem to be running at the same speed.

* Continues to rely on illustrations in textbooks and readers.

* When reading aloud, it is doubtful and labored.

* Makes wild guesses when reading unidentified words instead of trying to pronounce them.

* Attempting to sound out unfamiliar words can often confuse the sounds of letters or letter mixtures, such as'sh' replacing 'ch'.

Other signs and symptoms of dyslexia may exist in children who aren't listed above. They struggle to learn English or the language they are learning, despite having had the same education as other children.