Have You Partnered With The Right Automation Testing Company?

The quality assurance industry is an ever-growing ecosystem. While many testing agencies struggle to keep up with the emerging trends, there exist few companies which adapt themselves to the technologies as soon as they hit the market. 

This is not only the responsibility of the testing provider but the software or application development business as well. The software company has a responsibility to make sure that its testing provider is aware of the latest solutions for testing and quality assurance. There are some companies that provide advanced testing techniques in Austria.

Use of open-source tools and technologies

In the last decade, the digital industry experienced a lot of investment in open source tools. The trend can be clearly observed with the current digital industry giants, such as Apple promoting the use of Swift instead of the Objective C language for development, for a strings-free development experience.

Agile and CICD

As technology advances by the day, delivery cycles are getting shorter. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) is what a product developer should adopt in order to meet these strict deadlines without compromising the quality of applications.


DevOps stands for software development and information technology operations. Nowadays, many QA companies are showing keen interest in this domain and it is expected to see an exponential rise in the coming years. 

DevOps deals with devices as well as cloud-based testing, which increases the scope of testing for an automation testing company. 

Outsourcing the testing and quality assurance process is not a new idea. With time, this trend of achieving the best possible quality with minimal investment has matured and businesses are looking for testing services providers who can adapt to the emerging trends.