Know More About The Best African Food

Each country in South Africa has many different traditional foods which are heavily influenced by the inevitable European countries of the past, the slave trade and local food. Over the years these dishes have combined into many signature dishes that everyone enjoys.

Today all cultures make their own flavorful African Foods. Curry Potie is a great example of this. Potjie or Potjiekos is like a stew with various types of meat and vegetables. Usually cooked over an open fire.

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Africans have created a very distinctive dish that has become a favourite of all cultures. Milk cake is a delicacy with a milk-based filling and flavoured with cinnamon. Biltong is dry meat that can be cooked with beef or game, and even ostrich biltong has become popular in recent times.

The prego (steak) rolls, espetada (large kebabs), and Piri Piri are some of the favourite dishes. Cassava (root starch) and cashews abound. In rural areas, xima (maize flour or cassava pap) is their staple food. Pap is also a staple food for many South Africans and Zambians in rural areas. The townspeople also love their Pope. This is a very healthy diet which is usually paired with vegetables and some meat if necessary. Deuce M or 2M is a local beer in Mozambique.

Atchar and sambal are condiments for curry dishes. Sambal is made from cucumber, tomato, onion and yogurt.

Bobotti originates from the Tanjung Malay culture, a dish made from minced meat. It is usually eaten with yellow rice seasoned with turmeric or turmeric and raisins.