All You Need to Know About Charlotte Primary Care Doctors

If you've never been to a doctor for medical advice or not been the primary person who holds an insurance policy then you don't know what a primary-care doctor (PCP) refers to. It is essential to become familiar with this type of physician since they are usually your first stop whenever you suffer from a medical problem. The best direct primary care doctors in Charlotte, NC will take care of minor health problems or refer on to a specialist in more severe conditions.

PCPs in various types

The role of a primary care physician can be performed by a variety of types of doctors. Your PCP doesn't have to be required for a position as a general physician. For instance, under a certain insurance policy, a female's Gynecologist can be her primary doctor.

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Other doctors who are covered under most medical insurance policies, to function as PCPs are:

  • Pediatricians (for children)
  • Family Practitioners (for everyone in the family)
  • General internists (general treatment that includes a subspecialty)
  • General practitioners

A majority of health plans such as HMOs and PPOs permit their policyholders to choose PCP. If you're looking to join or purchase an existing plan, you must check whether it has the PCP.

The importance of PCPs

PCPs play a variety of important functions in the field of medicine. In general, they establish permanent doctor-patient relationships, which enable them to know the individual medical history and habits of living. Thus, PCPs are able to provide the best guidance, medication, or other recommendations that accommodate the individual needs of each patient.