The Growing Energy Consulting Industry

As more people, organizations and businesses find ways to purchase cheap, reliable, efficient and clean energy, more and more energy consulting specialists are being hired for a multitude of services.

Other specialists provide knowledge and experience on efficient ways to deliver energy, make it cleaner, or how to extrapolate from alternative sources. This could mean that consultants must have a background in electrical, civic, or mechanical engineering.

Depending on the project, a good energy consulting service must have a solid understanding of many areas within the energy sector. This means maintaining up-to-date knowledge on the latest market trends, industry terms, technology, various power systems, their mechanics, transportation methods, and demand response activities.

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For many companies, consulting projects transcend energy markets and industries. Because of this, many companies market themselves to benefit both the regulatory and manufacturing sectors, promising to optimize energy performance for a variety of public and private organizations.

The largest projects that can contract these services include state government buildings, college and university campuses, skyscrapers, large banks, music halls, symposiums, urban stadiums, and other large buildings.

On a smaller scale, services can target residential homes, small schools, municipal buildings, and campsites. As such, the companies offer various services in business planning, benchmarking, natural gas and renewable energy consulting, smart grid energy consulting, as well as legal, litigation, regulatory and policymaking expertise in the energy sector.