Family Lawyers Help Set Up Child Custody

When you're involved in a divorce, it's an emotional period. If kids are involved, it is an emotional experience. Naturally, both parents feel they're the best parent for their children. It can be a challenge to determine the child's custody issue and support may be the most difficult aspect of divorce. However, there are several websites like to hire a family lawyer in Mississauga so as to solve all your family issues with more ease.

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Child custody disputes are the main cause of disputes during divorce proceedings. The divorce attorney, also known as your family lawyer, ought to be able to aid you to navigate this aspect of divorce. In certain cases, such as those involving child abuse or neglect, it's easy to decide which parent should be the primary caregiver for children. 

However, in most cases, child abuse is not a concern. There are four major kinds of child custody: legal and physical custody, joint custody, and single custody. It is essential to consult with your lawyer about the kind of custody you need to apply for.

Physical custody is when the child is living with you. There may be some time with their other parents however, for the majority of the time, they stay at home with you.

Legal custody is the care of the child of education, medical demands, and religion. In many cases, even when one parent is physically responsible, the parental rights of the child are determined as joint. The parents are entitled to the right to decide on these matters. This could lead to issues if parents did not agree to a good deal.