Adidas Goodyear Leather Shoes Stylish, Flashy, and Sporty!

Adidas Goodyear Shoes are stylish. These shoes have a lot to do with fashion and style. These shoes are distinguished by the sleek and streamlined design that sets them apart from other less-inspired footwear. Their tire-inspired outer soles, which proudly display the Goodyear logo at the sides, really make them stand out. You can learn more about Goodyear welted leather shoes via

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They are available in many colors and feature the trademark of Adidas has three stripes. Here are my recommendations for both men and women if you're thinking about buying a pair.

The Goodyear Race Metallic is the current hot item for guys. They retail for around $120. They are flashy, trendy, and sporty. They have brilliant metallic materials and motor-racer looks which make them difficult to miss. These are made for men who don't want to be influenced by the masses.

Street W is a popular choice for ladies. The soft grain leather uppers give it a feminine look. This shoe is available in black and contrasting white stripes. The retail price is around $100. These shoes are designed to be worn while driving or playing sports.

Finding Adidas Goodyear Shoes For Less

We all know that nobody wants to spend retail on anything, even shoes. If you're willing to spend the time searching for them, there are often deals online. I found a website that offered them at very affordable prices. Some deals were even up to 45% off the retail price.