Smart Komatsu service kits for an easier working day

Every owner of a forest machine wants a smooth and profitable daily work. For this reason, Komatsu has developed several service kits that contain the most important parts you need for your forest machine.

If a small part is missing – a fuse, nipple, or steel plug – it can be expensive and problematic. Check this out for a solution to make your workday easier. Our ProSelect range includes several service kits that ensure you always have the right parts when you need them.

The service kit consists of boxes of different sizes with the content we know you will need all the time during machine production. This makes it easy to always have the machine needs close at hand in the woods, but also to keep all these little parts organized.

The range includes service kits: Nord-Lock, fuses and relays, CLS, caps and plugs and O-rings. As more and more vehicle owners turn to self-repair to save costs, OEMs are also becoming more aggressive about komatsu service.

Although the komatsu service industry is full of auto upgrades, entertainment items, and talent for vehicles, increasing competition from OEM dealers, combined with the economic climate, rising gasoline prices, and less mileage, is influencing vehicle owner behavior.

Komatsu recommends always using selected on Komatsu machines. The contents of this service kit are quality assured and approved for use in our forestry machinery and systems. With komatsu selected items, you can always feel safe – this ensures that the machine performs at its best and works the way it was designed.