Why Tour By Bike In Israel?

When you think of a vacation, what pops into your head? Is it the planes, shuttles, taxis, and buses you took to get to the good bits? Or is it the sites, activities, and experiences you had between those inconveniences?

Why Tour by Bike Makes a Difference

The following list represents not only the benefits but also the expanded possibilities of taking a bike tour. Taking a tour on a bike isn’t dangerous as you may fear. Modern bike technology makes it accessible to more people than ever. You can also hire a bike on rent for your trip. To know more about bike rentals in Israel, you can also check out here.

Here are more reasons to go on a bike tour:

1. Improve travel

Bikes have no doors, walls, or windows. Wherever you go, you are already part of the environment. You feel the temperature, you feel the sun and wind and you smell the world around you.

The greatest benefit of cycling is permeating the whole experience. Being a part of the world around you awakens the numb senses while traveling in a vehicle. Moving your body to ride a bike is much better than sitting with a pin and needle.

2. Improve health

Too often vacation is an excuse to overeat when eating out. Or sometimes, worse, in a hotel. It's easy to get into the mentality that "what you eat on the go doesn't count".

Part of that is the rush to try new foods on the local scene. It also includes the instinct to do something nice for yourself while on vacation. Bike tours help with both aspects.

3. Build memories

A combination of practice and new experiences work together to actually make new memories. Studies show that increased cardiovascular exercise stimulates the hippocampus and creates stronger memories. Instead of just amplifying moments to make them look more memorable, your brain is actively growing to store memories that come up after exercise.

4. Low stress

You can't get a train or reach your destination on time to connect. Many people feel trapped and isolated while traveling because they focus on the next step, not where they are.

On a bicycle tour, you have the power to go at your own pace. This could mean getting to the next stop sooner to have more activity time, or slowing down and staying at the last stop a little longer.