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If you're having issues like blocking and stoppages within your drain pipes located in the Rhode island region due to the shifting of the soil or because the hard water that is found in the region has affected the pipe's integrity, then you are probably looking at all your options and obtaining information about the most efficient solutions. 

One solution you might have heard about is Pipe Bursting / Trenchless Technology. For this, you should consult a trusted hvac company. You can also get information about the American foundation via .

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This type of plumbing solution, similar to many solutions for problems with underground pipes – such as those found within areas like the Rhode Island area – due to the soil shifting, will require some digging, and then excavating. 

There are two places that require digging and excavation. One would be the pit which must be dug to allow the insertion to the pipes that are containing the obstruction. The device will be pulled through the pipe using the cable. 

The cable is connected and pulled out from the opposite side of the pipe. Therefore, the second area to be dug is at the opposite end of the pipe which is where the pulling device is situated. 

A reputable and knowledgeable Rhode Island Plumbing Company or a licensed American foundation will be able to describe Pipe Bursting in greater in-depth, along with other options to solve your problem.