Lion rug- 10 Things to know before purchasing the carpet for your home

When you are looking for a rug to complement your home’s style and keep your floor warm, there are some things that you have to consider before buying. You can buy the lion rug for your home as it provides warmth and grace to your home. Moreover, it is necessary to choose a high-quality rug that blends with your home décor.

Keep reading this article; here are some things that you need to know before you go out and purchase the rug for your home.

Where was it made

When you choose the rug for your home, you must first check that from where the rug was made. Moreover, you can observe the quality of the rug by touching it.

Is it handmade

If you are paying money for the handmade rug, you have to sure about it is a real handmade item or not. The fact is that many sellers try to sell their machine-made rug to you and tell you it is a handmade rug. However, you can compare the difference by looking at the back of the rug. If you are able to see the clear design of the rug, then the rug is handmade; otherwise, it is machine-made if there is any faint in design.


If you are looking for a handmade rug, you need to know if it is a well-made carpet for your home. You can observe the quality by looking it and feeling it. If it gives you a dry feeling and the colors are dull, it is made with dead wool and not perfect for your home. Moreover, you can also check the quality of the rug by counting the knots of the rug. In addition, the higher the knots in the rug, the higher the quality of the rug.

Take a photo of your room

When you go to buy the rug for your home, you have to take a photo of your room where you want to place it. With this, you can easily get a rug that properly matches your room’s style and theme.

Determine the size

Size also matters if you want to get the perfect rug for your home. You have to measure the place with the measuring tape and choose the rug according to the measurements.

Rug on wood

If you are going to place your rug on the wooden floor, leaving 8 inches of space around the rug is necessary.


If your rug has padding at the backing, it helps to increase the life period of the rug.

Dark or light

The shade of the rug depends on the style of your room. If you want to make your home spacious, then you have to go with the light-colored rug. In contrast, if you are looking for a cozier feel, opt for the darker rug.

More than one rug

If you are going to place more than one rug in your home, you have to buy one rug larger, and others are smaller in size.

Rug and curtains

When you select a rug for your home, make sure it doesn’t clash with the colour of curtains.


This article consists of the 10 things that you have to consider before buying the lion rug for your home. Moreover, rugs add a comfortable feel and warmth to your place.