Martial Arts Styles in Calgary

Martial arts styles are highly variable and can be classified in many ways. Some would say there are several hundred different styles of martial arts, while others might say that there are only a handful. In any case, the vast majority of martial arts styles fall into one of three general categories: self-defense, competition, and meditation/meditation practice. For martial arts classes, you can check this Kung Fu For Life.

The self-defense styles of martial arts are usually taught in order to give students the physical and mental skills necessary for protecting themselves against attack. The objectives of self-defense training are:

• To teach good basic technique that can be applied to many situations, including attack on the street and competition.

• To develop an ability to defend oneself quickly in a number of situations and with a high level of personal safety.

• To improve balance, strength, flexibility, agility, stamina, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.

Martial Arts today are used as a way of self-defense, fitness, and competition. Even though it's the same goal over thousands of years, there is no rigid format for the practice or training of each individual style (martial art).

Some styles specialize in sport-related activities such as sparring (boxing, kickboxing) while others are purely a self-defense artform like Jujitsu. Some Martial Arts focus on one aspect while others are more cross-training oriented. Martial arts are broken down into three categories: Self-defense, Sport and Mixed Martial Arts.