Get Some General Information On Practical Nursing

A nurse is a health professional who focuses on the care of communities, individuals, and families. They ensure the maintenance, realization, and recovery of these people and their operation and their optimal health. 

They are capable of planning, evaluating, and implementing care of their patients independently and providing medical support through the nursing process.

Nurses from The Clinician Exchange, in general, have a greater field of practice compared to nurses working in particular areas. They usually work for hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, private homes, retirement homes, long-term care facilities, and other non-hospitable parameters such as military facilities, military camps, and Cruise ships. 

Tasks performed by nurses

  • Carry out investigation procedures such as taking a medical history and vital signs.

  • Perform minor operations such as sutures, administer injections and vaccinations for infants, perform routine procedures, such as eyewash, application, and removal of dressings, and wound treatment.

  • Give advice on contraceptives and provide contraceptive devices such as condoms, IUDs, and injections, as a doctor prescribed.

  • Offer pregnancy tests and cervical smear

  • Take urine samples, blood samples, other specimens, and swabs for laboratory exams.

  • Provide advice and information on weight control, blood pressure, and heart conditions

  • Administer travel vaccinations and provide advice on health care while traveling.

  • Re-stock and maintain consulting rooms and clinical areas.

  • Take accurate and legible notes of all treatments and consultations and saves this information about the note or map of the patient.