Dental Tips for seniors for a Great Oral Health in Los Angeles

Dental care is not just about having a beautiful smile. Dental health goes beyond pearly whites, so people, especially the elderly, need to take good care of their teeth.

Here are some dental hygiene tips that can keep you smiling for years to come. Also, you can get the best dental surgeon in Los Angeles.

Importance of Oral health: What all you need to know

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Cleaning dental implants

About 75% of the elderly who are at least 60 years old have had completely natural teeth for a long time. Most of them have false teeth such as crowns, dental implants, or dentures. It's essential to take care of this latest smile accessory so that it lasts.

Ask your dentist for a prescription

It is normal for older people to have dry mouths. As they age, their salivary glands do not produce enough saliva to lubricate their mouths. This can damage your teeth and also affect your digestion. There are cases when some medications are prone to dry mouth, so it's important to let your doctor know if you experience this side effect.

Follow the usual routine

There are times when people forget to brush their teeth, especially when they are too busy or tired. If this happens more often, dental health is neglected and there is a risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Use tools

Many elderly people suffer from arthritis. It is a chronic, painful condition that can make simple tasks like sewing much more difficult. Thanks to this new dental instrument, proper hygiene is gentler on the hands and wrists.