What is a Jumper Slide Combo?

Most people have experienced a traditional jumper at a birthday celebration or church function, fundraising, or some other type of special occasion. 

They typically come in a variety of dimensions, colors, and designs for children to leap on. But there's a unique type of inflatables and bouncers rental that is becoming popular. The latest well-known inflatables are called combos of jumper slides.

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These combinations are just amazing! When considering renting an inflatable to host a party adults are usually faced with a simple question "Should I hire a traditional jumping jack or an inflatable slide?" It was a tough decision back in the days when there were just two choices.

There is another alternative that renters of parties can consider when renting inflatables: combos of jumper slides! They are a basic idea. They mix slides and jumpers to create a great inflatable entertainment device!

The combos of jumpers are available at the majority of inflatable party rental businesses in the city where you live. You can ask whether they have units with slides. They may be able to offer you something that is all-in-one unit!

The combination of jumper and combo units is great as they require less space than renting individual inflatable units. This is an ideal feature to have in today's smaller backyards. 

They are also one part, which means that they will keep your kids more in a safe area rather than having a separate slide and jumper. This is great as the kids can stay at a specific spot and not continuously running around the yard.

Combinations of jumpers are the best option if you're looking for great , self-contained jumping and slide experience!