Planning for Progression Within the Patient Care Assistant Profession

Patient care assistants, or nursing assistants as they are sometimes called, tend to patients in hospitals and long-term care facilities. They help patients perform activities of daily living and sometimes collect specimens and vital signs. 

Patient care assistants are one of the main people responsible for taking care of a patient’s basic needs, whether they’re in a hospital, nursing facility or assisted living facility. You can also hire the professional personal care assistant via

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An unlicensed employment option such as that of the patient care assistant can be a great way to break into the healthcare industry when an individual lacks formal college education, training, and experience. 

There are several different career options that fall into this broad category of employment and it is very common to find unlicensed medical personnel working in just about every branch of medicine whether it is a general area of practice or a specialty. 

A department such as surgery, anesthesiology, radiology, and critical care often pays the highest salaries to unlicensed team members, but they also have the most stringent entry requirements. 

While these options are great for those who are willing to invest the time and effort in acquiring the necessary credentials, they are often far too stringent for most people. 

Those who are passionate about helping people and who are willing to take a proactive approach to patient care can expect to be highly sought after by employers. 

These types of individuals can expect to enjoy a very competitive patient care assistant salary, better benefits, and more opportunities for career advancement.