Overview of Phase 1 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

What is phase 1 environmental site assessment – This is an environmental impact study for each proposed action or project. It evaluates the economic, environmental, and cost impacts of various options for a project and recommends the options that cause the least environmental damage and are most cost-effective. 

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Step 1 – Write a brief but complete description of the project problem. Following are the steps of the phase 1 environmental impact assessment report: e the project's objectives and expected benefits.

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Step 2.- As far as you are concerned, make a list of all alternatives and options for this project. Do not include alternatives (no action). In order not to miss some opportunities, it is best to work in small groups of two to three people. Each option is to anticipate, analyze and report possible impacts on people and the environment.

Step 3 – This phase is the most difficult in phase 1 of the AMDAL. Here the expert must consider all options in terms of economic viability and ecological benefits. You can also take references from your family and friends. You can even search online for more information about the phase 1 environmental site assessment service.