Need A Punch Shield

A lot of our training is centered on the use of Punch Mitts, which are often paired with the use of body protection. This combo is extremely versatile and is a great way of teaching both speed and agility.

But the Punch Shield offers value that the Punch Mitt does not. You can even find the best punch gloves and punching equipment of everlast MMA from (Which is also called ‘ everlast MMA’ via  in french).

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First, the Punch Shield possesses more mass and heft than punch mitts. The Punch Shield won’t move as much during a training session, which makes your fighter work harder. A lot of coaches describe the punch shield as having the feel of hitting a heavy bag, but the mobility of punch mitts. 

Second, using a Punch Shield places less strain on the trainer’s body. Catching a boxer’s punches with your hands, even with sufficient padding, is no simple feat. Anything but the slightest contact will stress every joint in the arm: delicate joints of the fingers and hands; the wrist joint; the elbow; and even the shoulder. Using a punch shield mitigates some of that impact on your joints.

For training body blows, the punch shield offers more natural positioning than the mitts but provides the trainer with significantly more protection from hard impacts than the body protector. 

Finally, most Punch Shields can be handled while wearing boxing gloves. This means that two fighters can pair up for partner training and regularly switch between the attacker and target roles. Rather than one person strapping on all of the target training gear, pairs of boxers can rapidly change roles throughout a single round of exercise.