Try These Scrabble House Rules

Any family that has a tradition of Scrabble will have their own house rules. This is especially true if there are children who require modifications. House rules can be fun and exciting, encourage learning, and speed up the game. 

Here are some house rules that you have used or heard of. Each rule brings a new twist to the game. They are all mine to test!

Eternal Bonus squares:  In this, each move is more rewarding if you consider them "eternal", meaning that they are in force and count each time a word is added to. The number of scores can soar to the hundreds. Egos inflate. A skilled player will try to create words that cannot be added, at least when they are covering a bonus area. You can also look for the free word descrambler app via

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Blank Tile Substitution: This rule ensures that the tiles are always in circulation. If someone uses a blank to replace a T on the board, and you end up with a T on the rack, you can use the T to substitute the real letter. This is a great idea for the end of the game when everyone is letter-wise down to the nubs.

Allowable Dictionary Use/Broadening Word Base: In order to give the game more educational value, we sometimes allow players to search the dictionary even if it isn't their turn. This is particularly helpful for beginners and children, who may have a limited vocabulary. A dictionary can help you win against more experienced opponents.