What to Do for Leaky Skylights?

A skylight is a lovely roofing element. During the day it allows natural light to illuminate a living space and provides a beautiful view of the stars in the evening. When it is slightly opened, it also is great for ventilation, allowing cool air inside and naturally lowering living space temperature. Despite these wonderful features, a skylight can become the cause of a major leak. 

Leakage Testing

It is important to determine if there are leaks before making any type of repairs since condensation can mimic a leak and repairs would be different. Water could appear to be coming from the skylight when it is actually coming from another spot.

Tests should be performed to validate and eliminate other possibilities. You can also hire professionals for skylight repair in York at https://blueribbonexteriorsllc.com/services/skylights/.

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Any tests should be done during warmer weather so the roof is dry and not slippery. Take a hose up to the roof and run water from above the skylight so that all the flashing is soaked; then observe the underside for leaks.

Any water below indicates a problem with the flashing. Next, run water directly over the glass. If water comes through gaps between the glass and framing, this means there is a glass seal problem.

In summary, fixing leaks caused by faulty skylights can be easily remedied. It is just a matter of finding the source and repairing it. If the job seems to be overwhelming or too unsafe for a handyman repair, then a professional roofer should be contacted who is better equipped to tackle the repair of leaky skylights!