Selling a Home With a Solar System

For homeowners to get the most out of their solar system, they need a short-term finance lease. Most solar firms in Bakersfield offer 20-year financing for a solar system. If the owner wants to sell the home and has not paid for the system, the lease will be transferred to the new owner.

This can potentially make it difficult to sell the home because buyers may not be willing to bear the additional expense. The additional lease of 10, 15, or more than 20 years can alienate potential buyers. Keep in mind that the commitment to buy a home is already a lot for many home buyers.

Buyers are more likely to buy a house with conditions. For example, if the owner agrees to reduce the price by thousands to help the buyer pay for the solar system. The more years left on the system's lease, the less money they want to pay for the house. This will cause the value of the home to decrease, which will not only affect the home but also the value of the surrounding homes.

To increase the value of a home, it is best to have the solar system fully paid for. The buyer will not have to worry about an additional expense. Plus, ongoing savings in electricity can be a great selling point. While most solar companies offer 20-year leases for solar panels, some offer short-term leases.

Solar companies often sell solar systems for less to help their customers secure a short-term lease. These companies are often more interested in pushing green energy to help their customers pay less for electricity. Therefore, it is recommended to look for companies that provide short-term financing.

With short-term financing, homeowners will own their solar system much earlier than those with 20-year financing. These homeowners will also enjoy the benefits of solar energy, such as clean energy and reduced electric bills.