Wireless Speakers and More

Wireless speakers give you endless installation options from almost anywhere. Listen to your favorite music comfortably indoors or outdoors in the fresh air of nature. For those who want high-quality sound from home theaters, stereos, computers, iPods, MP3s, and even iPhones, wireless speaker systems offer unmatched freedom. You can also buy a speaker with audio at ntcprofil.

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System A5+BT-BAM B&H

 With today's advanced technology, you can have as many speakers as you want on a single transmitter and radiofrequency level without having to bother with uncooperative, crappy, and limited speaker cables. The loudspeaker transmitter is connected to the audio source of your choice so that the loudspeaker can receive the signal.

Typically, fully portable speakers can be located up to 50 m from the transmitter. Loudspeakers are controlled by mains power and/or battery operation. Audio travels through walls, floors, and ceilings with crystal clear sound, without the dreaded limitations of wires. Setting up a wireless speaker system is almost painless over time with minimal investment.

The wireless indoor speaker is beautifully designed to blend into any home décor. Imagine music flowing through your home like a breeze through personally selected speakers in one or more rooms. You can easily adjust the speaker position for a more dramatic effect while watching your favorite movies or TV shows. The conversation will be easy for you and most enjoyable for your guests because the unrestrained speaker exudes excitement.