Facts About Sewer Pipe Bursting Technology In Seattle

The technology for blowing sewer pipes, also known as trenchless pipes, has undergone several significant improvements over the last decade. If you've previously received word that a local sewer pipe has ruptured and needs repair, you immediately imagine (and expect) massive road damage, severe traffic jams, long-term construction, and a nearby commercial business experiencing financial losses.

Repairing sewer pipes is tedious, troublesome, and messy; Blocks popular streets and high-traffic shops and costs more money to implement. But with recent advances in plumbing repair, there's now a better and easier way to do things. You can hire the best and experienced trenchless pipe repair via Flow Technologies Inc.

Read on to learn more about trenchless spout technology and its benefits to businesses, contractors, and industries related to pipe repair and replacement.

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is the ideal solution for repairing damaged or problematic sewer pipes deep underground. The process is actually quite simple: two holes are dug, one at each end of the pipe section that needs to be repaired. 

After installing the machine, install the polyethylene pipe and expand it or attach it to the inner wall of the existing pipe with hot air or UV light. Spray the epoxy on the inner walls of the existing pipe.

For larger projects and renovations, this simple fix doesn't work. The repair and replacement rate should be increased by one degree. This is where trenchless pipe blast technology comes into play.