Everything to Know About Football Court Dimensions

Aside from the pitch, which plays a significant role in football, every game has its own set of regulations and strategies. It is played on grass turf or a green-colored synthetic surface that must be rectangular and precise. The game is played with a spherical ball, and the purpose is to put or kick the ball into the netted sections of the other team without using hands or arms, resulting in a goal.

When you think about football court dimensions, then you must have to know all the positions also which are available in soccer field diagrams. In this blog, here we discussed below the different positions.


These players are those who have to positions themselves near the goal of their opposition team. The players in other positions pass the ball, and it is their task to convert the passing of a ball into a scoring goal. The scoring goal is the primary task, so it is essential to be strong enough in this position.


On the soccer team, there can be three to six midfielders are available. They play with the main objective is to control the ball and pass the same to the forwards. They play most in the field, and they have great accuracy in passing the balls to the forwards.


There are three to five defenders on a soccer team. The positions of the defenders are just near to their goalposts. And the main task of the defenders is to save the goals attempted by the opposite team. The defenders are critical players in a soccer team. So, that’s why the training of these players is so necessary.


The goalkeeper is the only player in a soccer team who has used their hands in this game. And the main task of the goalkeeper is to save the goal of your team.


As everyone knows that soccer is one of the most popular sports nowadays. These games have a huge fan in the world, and the peoples go crazy for this game. The people who are more interested in this game can be gathered all the knowledge about football court dimensions from this article.

Know the Football Court Dimensions for 9 a Side and 11 a Side Fields

Are you on the verge of understanding the size ruling factor for the football pitch? Our football court dimensions size guide has all the answers for you!

Within this sport, the football pitches are the most integral component present. It all depends on the way you are playing the game. It can be conditional too. The type of pitch becomes the determining factor between winning and losing or winning the game. So, the correct size should be determined while selecting the dimensions of the football court.

Depending on the format of the football that you are playing, the size of the pitch will greatly vary here as not all the football pitches are of the same size. It is the reason why it is so vital to understand the dimensions of the football pitch irrespective of your role at the club. You can be a groundsman,  a player, or a club chairman.

What is the Size of a 9-A-Side Football Pitch?

Eighty yards would be the length, while the breadth is 50 yards for the size of a 9 A side football pitch. The FA has effectively recommended these measurements that are used by the U-12 and U-11 teams.

A radius of 7 yards or 6.4 m with the center mark lying at the middle of the field is what the center circle should have for this pitch size. On both sides of the pitch, the penalty spot should consist of 9 yards. At a radius of 7 yards, the penalty area arcs should come from the penalty spot.

From the center of the goalpost with the length of 13 yards by 32 yards width is how the penalty area should be marked. From the center of the goalpost at 4 yards, and be it 14 yards, is where the goal area should be positioned at.

What is the Size of an 11-A-Side Football Pitch?

There is no straightforward answer to the size of an 11 a-side football pitch. More so than any other type of football pitch, depending on the range of different factors, the measurements can change at considerable rates.

The dimensions should fall between being 100-130 yards in length with the width of 50-100 yards on the basis of the FA regulations. It would allow its users to gain the flexibility to select a specific size that would suit them. That is more commonly the case within the professional tiers of the game is what the users would get.

The best example that one can get is through the pitch dimensions of the Wembley Stadium that is 115 yards in length by 75 yards of width, making it a bit narrower than the older measurements for Wembley. To the requirements that are set by the UEFA stadium categories from the top most categories of the Four Stadium is from where these figures are adhering to.

It is around 2 acres in size when it comes to the standard size of the football pitch and 2 acres in size, equating to around 64000 sq ft. That again would change depending on the exact size of one that is being used here.