Repairing Leaky Basement with Mold

Waterproofing your basement can save you a lot of money. We had been contemplating waterproofing our basement for nearly 5 years. Our basement wasn't used that often, so water from a storm or the spring snowmelt off didn't bother us much. Until the day we decided to remodel it.

After removing the old carpet, we found that the padding had been covered in mold. Further investigation revealed mold in the drywall, and areas of the floor that were damp even though it had not rained for nearly two weeks. To get more details about leaky basement repair you may see it here.

leaky basement repair

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We learned that mold can spread throughout your house, so we were fortunate that our situation wasn't too severe. We knew we had to act quickly because this was not only affecting our home, but also our health.

Our house is more than 80 years old. Back then, weeping tile and any other drainage or water protection methods were not available. We live on a hill, and even though all our downspouts at the eaves drains were away from our house, water still found its way to our foundation.

We finally decided to call a professional, and it was the best decision ever. We had several companies come out to assess our problem. The majority of them agreed that we would need to dig around the entire house down to the footings and insert weeping tiles.

After this, we would waterproof the foundation of the house with tar and thick industrial liners, and seal it off at its surface. A few companies that specialize in interior drainage also recommended that we install interior drainage.