Personalize Your Wedding With These 2 Essential Creative Ways In Wales

Customize Your Menu

Alongside the signature drinks, the menu for food could also be based on your relationship! Catering plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of your party So take a look at the food and drink experiences you really like sharing with your loved ones.

So, for instance, do you all enjoy a delicious cheese platter? Create a snack board for guests to eat during cocktail time. You can even get help from the wedding experts from to avoid this kind of issue. They will make all the arrangements in advance. 

Do you have a specific food item that you will always remember from your first date? Ask your caterer if they could duplicate this. Do you have an obsession with sweets? Set up a cart for gelato or a dessert bar!

Create a photo Wall

The wedding day can be an important event in your relationship So why not make an excursion down memory lane by displaying some memorable photos? We are in love with the idea of having a dedicated photo table or wall that is filled with important photos which tell a story of your life.

There are plenty of photos to include from you and your loved ones as kids, your top photos of the holidays, milestones, and even pictures of your parents at their weddings. It's also a wonderful way to honor those family members who are no longer with your wedding day by displaying a photograph that you cherish looking back at.