Things You Should Know Before Buying A Bengal Cat

Are you thinking of adopting, buying, or adding a Bengal to your family? You should always do your study and know precisely what you're getting into before choosing a breed of kitten or pet in particular. You can also know more about Bengal cats by visiting

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As a short introduction to Bengals and probably to teach something you didn’t know, here are few things you should understand before purchasing a Bengal cat.

1. They are very playful

They still sleep about 16 hours a day like most domesticated cat breeds but be careful when they wake up, they have a lot of explosive energy to burn. Our advice is to have a good cat tree designed for a Bengal, enough room to call their own and play with them often.

Interactive toys like laser pointers and wire pencils are must-have items. They slow down as they grow older but still have something to give.

2. They are very smart

Bengalis are thinkers. They love to be challenged and stimulated and it is always unexpected to new owners how intelligent they are. They will start figuring things around the house. Learn your schedule, what you like, what you don't like.

It's also fun to teach them small tricks. Extraction games are one of the most basic tricks. We have seen some owners train them to sit or lie down on command and they respond well to treats when they do as they're told.