What a San Antonio General Dentist Does

There are more than 155,000 dentists across the US. At least 90,000 practice general dentistry. These dentists are not specialists in any one area of dentistry and may be considered your primary family dentist. Because they are able to treat basic dental problems for patients of all ages, unlike pediatric dentists who can only treat younger patients, they are called a general dentists.

A general dental practitioner can provide a broad range of services to patients, based on their 7-year education. To learn more about the patient's problem, they can do x-rays or CAT scans. If necessary, they will diagnose the problem and provide treatment. The following services are available by most general dentists:


Although dental cavities are not the most serious, they are one of the most common. The tooth affected will need to be replaced with a material like porcelain, amalgam, or gold.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns can be used to replace real teeth. Crowns can be used to make bridges, as well as protecting teeth from further damage. A bridge is a false tooth that is placed between two crowns with a natural-looking appearance.


A general check-up can include dental cleaning. Private dentists often have dental hygienists that can perform the cleaning. They can also spot simple dental problems. This cleaning should be done at least once a year by most dentists.