What are the Effects of Hemorrhoid Treatment Using Suppositories?

Hemorrhoids would affect approximately 90% of the population at one time or another. You can get hemorrhoids at any age, but your chances of developing them increase as you age. You can treat hemorrhoids discreetly with suppositories. They are a quick, effective, and safe option.

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Hemorrhoids: Home remedies, lifestyle changes, and overview

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Patients with hemorrhoids may experience severe discomfort if they have to use suppositories to reduce pain, inflammation, and itching. You can use these suppositories to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids at home. 

If you are embarrassed by your hemorrhoids and don't want to visit the doctor, suppositories may be a good option.

This treatment option is easy to use. Simply insert the suppository into your rectum. It should be placed immediately after every bowel movement. It is easier to insert suppositories when you are lying on your back with your knees bent. 

Push the suppository gently with the pointed end going into your rectum. Suppositories cannot be used for bleeding hemorrhoids or irritated rectal regions.

Hemorrhoids can usually be treated with suppositories. Most people with this condition can tolerate suppositories for a few days and feel relief. You should be aware that if the area is bleeding or inflamed, suppositories can cause more pain than relief.

Before using suppositories for hemorrhoids, pregnant women and those with high blood pressure or diabetes should consult a doctor. To determine if a suppository is right for you, your doctor will help you weigh the risks and benefits. 

Your doctor may also examine you if suppositories could cause side effects or complications if you are taking other medications.