What Courses Are Available Online?

The following list contains free online marketing courses focusing on different aspects of digital marketing. The courses offered are divided into different categories to help you focus your online marketing efforts.

The list also includes free online marketing courses focusing on various aspects of digital media and networking. In addition, there are several websites that offer these classes for free. You can register at such sites to gain access to online marketing lessons.

The first course on digital marketing is Strategic Design. It teaches you how to use strategic thinking to create powerful content marketing solutions. As you study this course, you will be taught about content marketing strategies, search engine optimization, the benefits of internet advertising, the importance of image optimization, and much more. You will have the chance to make use of several concepts to promote your business. In case you have been having trouble with digital marketing, it will surely be helpful to take up this course.

Another digital marketing course you may check out is Web Analytics Training. Here, you will learn about web analytics, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. Web analytics refers to the process of finding out where your website is getting its traffic from. Thus, you can use this course to learn about traffic sources on your website.

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is one of the most important concepts in digital marketing. If you want to succeed in online marketing, you need to master this technique. You need to know how to optimize the content of your digital channels so that you will get the maximum amount of traffic. The course details include the different ways by which you can improve the number of visitors to your website through search engines. Aside from this, you will also learn about social media marketing options. The digital marketing course details include topics such as keyword research, pay per click management, link building, and article marketing.

Coursera offers a digital marketing specialization for those who are interested in analytics. You can choose from different modules, such as advanced analytics, data mining, user behavior analysis, and web analytics. The modules cover everything related to SEO, including link building, content, and social media optimization. The courses are offered in different stages, such as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional.

Another online marketing course you might want to check out is Hands-On Digital Marketing. The course allows you to apply the concepts in digital marketing courses such as search engine optimization and advertising. It also introduces you to the hands-on digital marketing basics and gives you an overview of market research and marketing tools. The hands-on digital marketing courses are available in different stages, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

In order to benefit from the paid part of digital marketing training courses, you must complete the corresponding paid modules. The modules include paid advertising, digital media sales, online branding, and pay-per-click management. These modules require you to spend money, so it is recommended that you complete the modules before enrolling in any paid digital marketing courses. However, it is best to complete the modules at your own pace, especially if you are still starting to run a small online business. The free courses usually provide the same information; therefore, you won't know whether you really have learned everything you need to know or not.

The free part of digital marketing training courses let you learn digital marketing basics such as SEO and keyword research. At the end of the free period, you will be given access to the advanced module, which introduces you to paid advertising. These courses usually cost $50 or more, depending on the length of the modules. Before you pay for any course, make sure that you understand the complete terms and conditions.