What is Lead Generation Funnel And How it Works?

Prospective clients are attracted to your business through lead generation, which involves generating interest in your products or services and converting them into long-term customers.

No matter how effective and efficient your products or services are, your prospective customer must know about you or you have to find them. You can also provide some incentives like offers or discounts to keep your customers engaged. 

The term lead generation sales funnel refers to getting the leads who are our prospective customers. You can get the best service of lead generation funnel via www.bubblegummarketing.com/marketing-funnel/.

Lead Generation Funnel: Simple Guide to Building Your Own Lead Funnel

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To get more understanding of this term, one can create a comparison between the lead generation funnel and the actual funnel. It will filter the best-qualified leads and also direct the way to convert them into customers.

Lead Generation Sales Funnel works in three parts:

TOFU: It stands for "top of the funnel". In this stage, we gather all the prospective customers.

BOFU: It stands for "bottom of the funnel". Here, prospective clients are encouraged to pay the amount set for your products or services.

MOFU: It stands for "middle of the funnel". Prospective customers are tempted with various incentives to purchase your products or services.

It is a strategic process that guarantees great results if followed strategically. The process occurs in three main stages. One must keep in mind that the process starts with many prospective customers but ends in less number of converted customers. To keep the number of converted customers high, you have to build a great strategy and follow it carefully.